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Go straight to sell: How Bzar make online marketplaces work for fashion brands

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Fashion retailing is an inexact science. The reason some garments will be swept off the rack while others sit forlornly in the corner of a stockroom will often remain a mystery – that is why having a variety of routes to market is essential.

Whether you need to maximise returns from your hottest items, or find creative ways to manage unsold or out of season stock, the continuing growth of online marketplaces is invaluable to fashion brands and retailers. 

Raising the Bzar

Bzar exists to help companies with exactly these challenges. An established and expert online marketplace seller in its own right, it offers a range of flexible services: from managing fashion brands’ or retailers’ existing eBay and Amazon offerings, to setting up new ones or selling products through Bzar’s own marketplace stores. At its most straightforward, Bzar can simply pass on customer orders.

Rebecca Howarth from Bzar explains: “Bzar was born out of a supply chain background. We recognised that many of our customers were struggling to find profitable solutions with their unsold or out-of-season stock. Rather than leave potential profit sitting in the warehouse, we created stores on Amazon and eBay, which resulted in thousands of additional sales and cost savings in warehouse fees.”

All gain, no pain

Importantly, Bzar’s “All gain, no pain” policy – whereby customers only pay if they receive orders – means there is no downside to giving online marketplaces a go.

For fashion brands, wholesalers and retailers, this versatility is ideal. From those who are unwilling to be seen to sell direct, to companies who are looking to grow but cannot commit the internal resource, Bzar takes the worry, cost and organisation out of the process. Its own stores are top-rated, but it is equally happy managing existing stores – helping to grow seller limits and positive seller ratings – and at the same time, creating valuable data.

Add in an expert customer service offering – which includes phone and email support – and it is easy to see why increasing numbers of fashion brands and retailers are entrusting their online marketplaces to Bzar.

Trust the experts

Rebecca Howarth summarises the Bzar difference: “We’ve been on our customers’ side of the fence. We have lived with, and understand, the frustrations and barriers to marketplace selling – resource, expertise, buying teams, customer saturation, and so on. It’s potentially a costly and unrewarding exercise unless you have the time and resource to devote to it. We wanted to take our knowledge and expertise and use it to empower other brands in these incredibly fast-growing and exciting channels.”

Fulfilling brands

To have a UK-based online marketplace specialist providing an additional shop window for retailers and brands – and making that process so painless and simple – is a game changer for many in the industry. Bzar say it is in the business of fulfilling brands: maybe it’s time to find out what it can do for yours.

You can Bzar on 01942 210 910, via email at [email protected] or by visiting its website at .

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