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The latest supplier and technological developments that you can't afford to miss

DHL prize

DHL Award for International Fashion Potential 2018 winner announcedSubscription

Knitwear brand Hades is the winner of the DHL Award for International Fashion Potential 2018.


Industry Insight: The fashion retailer's guide to personalization Subscription

Embrace personalization in the right way without coming off as too intrusive and tear down the walls standing in the way of customer’s purchase intent and purchase itself.

Awin fashion

Industry Insight: Affiliate marketing in fashion - trends the industry can’t ignore Subscription

Online fashion is thriving. Affiliate network Awin work with over 1600 fashion clients and last year the average fashion brand saw 10% growth and a typical basket of around £66. 

Poq peak trading report 2018

Preparing for Peak: Understanding peak trading trendsSubscription

It’s coming up to that time of the year again. The fashion industry is relentlessly preparing for peak, and the most innovative and customer-aligned brands will be soaring ahead.

drapers short article header

Industry Insight: Disruption hits UK brandsSubscription

The retail apocalypse is real. It’s here in the UK and across the world. A shift in consumer behaviour was a long time coming, but retailers have been slow to act on it.

Titelbild whitepaper uk fashion market01

Industry Insight: How messenger marketing will change UK fashion Subscription

Increasing digitization in all areas of life is reshaping the way we communicate. Technology allows people to always be connected and always be online, which has allowed communication trends to change and grow rapidly. Social networks seem to have passed their prime: Messaging apps allow more direct and immediate connection, and have become the most popular form of digital communication. 

Primark carmel

Carmel Clothing: global expansion and consistent performanceSubscription

Managing director Simon Blayne explains how Carmel Clothing is investing to stay ahead of the competition

Clothes hanger clothes rack clothing

Industry insight: maximise your sales potentialSubscription

Optimise your inventory to increase sales and mitigate against economic uncertainty.

Jigsaw, Kings Cross

Industry Insight: Jigsaw boosts sales by fulfilling from store Subscription


UK retailer Jigsaw increased its average monthly turnover by 32% after introducing a fulfil-from-store option to its omnichannel strategy


Industry Insight: Is your brand protection fit for the future?Subscription

By ,

It seems barely a week has gone by in the last year without another fashion brand protection battle hitting the headlines. 

container suits on bar

Industry Insight: Torque integrates supply chains and systems in perfect harmonySubscription

If your supply chain and integration platforms aren’t 100% compatible and living in a state of perpetual harmony, you risk losing sales. And if that doesn’t focus the mind, nothing will. But there is a way forward…  

elavon i stock 508831462

Industry Insight: Elavon – smart payment technology for independent retailersSubscription

Small businesses can struggle to keep up with expectations of payments technology, and the slick offerings of the major retailers just adds to the pressure. There is a perception among some that the smaller retailer is unlikely to keep up with the pace of change. But is this really true? To gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing smaller retailers Elavon conducted research with existing customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

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