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Capture video power, says Facebook fashion guru Dion Magee

Christina Simone

As one of the 70 speakers who will present at the Drapers Digital Festival on 25 April, Dion Magee, Facebook’s UK head of fashion, will lead a power talk on the important role video plays in increasing brand visibility. Here, she gives some insight into that, as well as Facebook’s future plans

Adidas ZNE Road Trip hoodie

Adidas ZNE Road Trip hoodie

Adidas is reaching new audiences for its ZNE Road Trip hoodie on Facebook with video

What are the main areas of focus for Facebook and the future of fashion retail?

For fashion retail, we know that Instagram is key. Instagram has a global community of 600 million and those interested in fashion have been some of the earliest, most enthusiastic adopters of the platform. Fashionistas in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK are on the platform every single day of the week and are checking their feeds, on average, 15 times a day.

The most content consumed on our platform in the next five years will be video

More than 75% of the followers of both luxury and high street fashion brands are under 34 years old. Compared with other European countries, Instagrammers here in the UK, follow the highest number of accounts and post three times as much as the average global Instagrammer.

As our offering expands on both Instagram and Facebook, we are making it easier for retailers to merchandise and promote products, and for people to discover new products and brands. In recent months, we have enabled brands to tag up products, so that customers can get more details of a specific product and then click through straight to the brand’s website. This ensures a smoother customer journey, while enabling them to discover and purchase products more easily, so that it is a great experience for both brands and potential customers.

Three in four consumers say videos on social media influence their purchasing decisions

The growth of video across our platforms is key for all retailers. On Facebook, we have moved from 1 billion video views per day in April 2014, to 8 billion daily video views in 2016 – more than the entire world’s population. In our earnings call last year, Mark Zuckerberg stated that most content consumed on our platform in the next five years will be video. For many fashion retailers, they need to look at how they build video for mobile as there are specific nuances that need to be considered – for example, designing for sound off.

Some of the research we have done with Kantar in the US in 2016 showed that one in five Instagram fashion shoppers called video the best type of content for discovering new products.

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Furthermore, three in four consumers say that watching videos on social media influences their purchasing decisions, which is why we’ve recently launched our new shopping ad format on Facebook, called Collection. The format increases the likelihood of discovery and purchase by featuring a primary video or image above relevant product images. Clicking on the ad leads a person to an immersive, fast-loading shopping experience on Facebook that can showcase up to 50 products at a time. Tapping on a product will take the most interested people to a product detail page on a business’s website or app to make a purchase.

Adidas used Collection for its new ZNE Road Trip hoodie and saw a 5.3 times return on ad spend

For example, global sports brand Adidas used Collection to drive sales for its new ZNE Road Trip hoodie and complementary products, and saw a 5.3 times return on ad spend. American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger used Collection to bring its “See Now, Buy Now” fall 2016 launch to life on mobile and saw a 2.2 times higher return on ad spend.

Facebook Adidas ads

Facebook Adidas ads

Facebook Adidas ads

How can Facebook link retailers with other countries in ways they have not been able to before?

On Facebook we target real people, and this allows brands to be able to target granularly within specific countries and tailor their message for each country.

Over the last 18 months, we have been building additional targeting options to help clients as they move into new markets. Brands have had the ability to take their CRM/email database and target those people on Facebook. They could then expand that audience and find people who have similar characteristics to their highest lifetime value customers, current subscribers, high-value prospects or engaged app users.

In 2016 we expanded this offering, so brands can now take their most loyal customers from one country and find people that are similar to them in a new market. For example, a company with a strong base in the UK can target similar people in the US, allowing them to build up a new, relevant, target audience in a new country.

What part does personalisation play in aligning the right Facebook users with the right retailers? How will this be implemented on Facebook?

With Facebook’s ability to target real people, brands can segment their audiences and target individual audiences with bespoke creative.

A great example is brands considering how they should communicate with both existing and new customers. Many brands tend to use the same creative for both audiences. However, we know that a new customer may need more convincing to purchase from your brand – they may not necessarily know what your brand stands for or why they should choose you over a competitor. They may also need a higher frequency of communication for your message to land versus someone who has previously purchased.

Asos Instagram video

Asos Instagram video

By personalising creative, a brand has the ability to build a bespoke strategy on Facebook and Instagram to upsell or cross-sell products to existing customers. They can also choose to exclude existing customers and personalise their message to potential new customers, giving more educational or informative creative about who they are and what they stand for, thus increasing their chance of success.

How can retailers ensure customers’ personal data is protected during the process of personalisation?

Protecting the privacy of the people on Facebook and their data is our top priority, and all our products and services are built with privacy in mind. Retailers should make sure they understand Facebook’s privacy policies and ensure their campaigns adhere to those guidelines. Data supplied to advertisers is anonymised and encrypted to ensure the greatest possible privacy for Facebook users.

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