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Exclusive: Pantone names autumn 18's top 12 colours

Trend forecaster and colour consultancy Pantone Color Institute has named the 12 top colour trends for autumn 18 ahead of London Fashion Week, which kicks off at the end of this week.

Top colours for women’s and men’s wear in the Pantone Autumn/Winter 2018 London Fashion Week Color Palette include bold autumnal tones, such as Red Pear – a deep red – Russet Orange and Ceylon Yellow, combined with bursts of bright pink and purple. 

Delicate pink Mellow Rose and striking Pink Peacock are among the more unusual shades for the season and represent designers’ increased desire for originality, argues Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute (interview, below).

“Not dissimilar to what we predicted for the runways in New York this season, the London autumn 2018 palette demonstrates designers’ passionate desires to express originality, ingenuity and creativity though fashion. As designers and consumers increasingly rebuff ‘trend adoption,’ and instead embrace self-expressive colours that evade old-fashioned seasonal structure, we are seeing very unexpected and non-traditional choices,” she said.

Other key colours include lilac Crocus Petal, yellow-green Limelight, blue-green Quetzal Green and deep purple Ultra Violet, which Pantone has previously named as the colour of 2018.

Pantone predicts 12 shades for London Fashion Week – two more than for New York – which reflects “the experimental nature of London fashion”.

The report has also identified five classic shades that can transcend seasons, including deep navy Sargasso Sea, creamy white Tofu, camel Almond Buff, Quiet Gray and light-brown Meerkat.

classic colour i piccy collage

Lee pantone

Colour’s new directions

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, explains the direction of colour in fashion

Why do you think designers are adopting some unexpected and unusual colour choices for autumn 18?

I think the attitude is in part due to the general public and the average consumer being a bit more creative in the way they put themselves together. It is also because of practical reasons: customers are thinking, ‘Let’s hold on to what I already have in my wardrobe and continue to use it,’ but with new pieces. We are not seeing the traditional, expected colour combinations for shoes or bags – it is about new ways of wearing things.

Any shades that particularly stand out?

Limelight is a really interesting one. From a historical perspective, these kinds of yellow-greens usually come into fashion and go out again very quickly, but these shades have really lingered and are being used in such a fun way. It isn’t a colour we would have expected to see for this season, but that just reflects how we are moving away from traditional colours.

What is it about Mellow Rose and Pink Peacock that will prove popular?

Rose is a revered colour in the UK and it is about mixing colours monochromatically, which is another key trend for the autumn season. We will see two variations in the same colour family being worn together, which I think is fascinating: two different types of red, two shades of yellow, two greens. For example, we know red has been very popular over the past couple of seasons and customers will be saying: ‘I love red. I bought some pieces in that shade and I am going to continue to wear it,’ but with a different variation to create nuance.








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