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Levi's, Inditex and H&M named ‘most transparent brands’

Zara parent company Inditex, Levi Strauss and H&M are the fashion businesses with the most transparent supply chains, according to a new report.



The Fashion Transparency Index was compiled by lobby group Fashion Revolution and consumer organisation Ethical Consumer to mark the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, when 1,134 people were killed in a clothing factory collapse in Bangladesh.

The index ranks 40 global fashion brands according to the level of transparency in their supply chain, initially based on responses to a questionnaire. However only 10 companies completed surveys, so the other 30 companies were assessed based on information available on their website and in their annual reports.

The average transparency score for the 40 brands surveyed was 42%.

Levi’s topped the list with 77%, closely followed by Inditex and H&M at 76%. Adidas, (69%), Primark (67%) Gap (65%), PVH, representing Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Speedo (58%), Nike (57%), Converse (57%), Uniqlo (56%) received a high-to-middle rating.

Mango received 50% while Topshop and the Arcadia group received 49%. Next was ranked at 45% followed by Burberry (43%), Asos (43%) and New Look (37%).

The brands with the lowest ranking on the list were Chanel (10%), Hermes and Claire’s (both 17%), Forever 21, Fendi and LVMH, all at 19% and Monsoon at 20%.

The report said big retailers and brands have “a lot to do” to show their commitment to transparency.

“Every brand should be doing more to communicate with the public about their strategies and performance on social and environmental issues throughout the supply chain. But the luxury brands are the biggest laggards; most publish nothing more than a code of conduct.”

It added: “We would also like to see brands put in place sustainability strategies, covering both social and environmental improvements, with clearer long-term goals that include timelines, quantifiable targets and an explicit commitment towards greater transparency.”

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