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Subscription FAQs

Why take out a subscription to Drapers?

Drapers is the primary source for authoritative business intelligence for the fashion industry in the UK and Irish Republic. Its unique position embraces all elements of this complex sector, from womenswear to menswear to kidswear, from textiles to clothing to footwear, from retailing to wholesaling to manufacturing, and from independents boutiques to national multiples to fast-growing etailers.

Since it first appeared as The Drapers’ Record on 6 August 1887, the weekly title has been the number one provider of news, views, information and analysis for the sector. Today the magazine is augmented by a stylish and content-rich website,, which provides the industry with breaking new stories, up-to-the- minute reactions, exclusive video coverage and specially-commissioned in-depth reports.

Whether it is discussing people, product, places, performance, propositions or prices, Drapers’ astonishing heritage and credibility lend it an enviable authority and a unique role within the fashion business.

A subscription to Drapers gives you:

  • Unlimited online content
    • Delivery of Drapers in print – by Royal Mail 1st class delivery to arrive on Fridays
      • Ten years of digital issues of Drapers in our online archive
        • Exclusive special editions and research
          • Newsletters, including: daily news, weekly updates and fashion products

          How much is a subscription to Drapers?
          To find the latest prices please visit the Drapers subscription site.

          How secure are my credit card details if I place my order online?
          All the information you provide is encrypted using the industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology.

          Can I pay by invoice?
          Yes, we can arrange for you to be sent an invoice. Please [email protected]

          Can I pay in a currency other than £ Sterling?
          We accept cheque payments in most currencies. If paying by credit card, your payment will be processed in £ Sterling at a recent rate of exchange – which may therefore be different to the £ Sterling published price. Please customer services [email protected] for other payment queries.

          Can I get a team-wide (or corporate) subscription?
          Yes. We offer preferential rates for 5+ subscriptions and our corporate subscription packages are completely scalable to make sure you are getting excellent value from your investment.

          Here are some more reasons to go corporate:

          • Get greater value
            • Content sharing
              • Co-branded home page
                • IP-based user authentication
                  • Customised RSS newsfeed
                    • User awareness campaigns
                      • Onsite training session
                        • Usage reporting
                          • Dedicated account manager

                          Please our corporate subscriptions team for details:

                          Tel: +44(0) 203 953 2000
                          Email: [email protected]

                          How do you acknowledge receipt of my order?
                          If you place your order online, an email acknowledgement will be sent to you after you submit your order. This will confirm the details of the address to which the issues will be sent, your 10-digit subscriber number together with details of when your subscription will start and end.

                          Should you not receive your acknowledgement within 24 hours, please customer services [email protected]
                          If you place your order over the phone, email or post, a written acknowledgement will be sent to you within a few days of receipt of your order. This will include details of your 10-digit subscriber number, when your subscription will start and end, and the address or addresses to which the issues will be sent. Should you not receive your acknowledgement within 10 days, please our print subscription customer services.

                          Can you deliver to an address outside the UK?
                          Yes. But as the magazine is dispatched from the UK, the subscription price is higher to cover the additional delivery costs. The latest overseas prices can be found on the Drapers subscription site.

                          When will my first printed magazine arrive?
                          Your order acknowledgement will confirm details of the first issue you will be sent. This is normally within 14 days of placing your order.

                          What do you do with my personal information?
                          We use the personal information you provide such as your name, address, email address and credit card details to process your subscription order. We may also ask you about your profile and interest areas, and whether you are interested in receiving details of other services provided by EMAP Publishing Limited (the publisher of Drapers) and/or those of third parties which may be of interest to you. Please see our privacy policy for more for information.

                          How do I renew my subscription?
                          Your subscription will automatically renew by direct debit or continuous credit card unless you notify us that you’d like to cancel.

                          When does my current subscription expire?
                          You can check your subscription details online by You will need to have your 10-digit subscriber number to access your account – this is used to identify both you and your subscription. Alternatively please print subscription customer services.

                          How do I change the delivery address?
                          You can change the address your magazine is delivered to by ing the subscription customer services team on [email protected]. You will need to have your 10-digit subscriber number to access your account – this is used to identify both you and your subscription. Alternatively please us via phone +44 (0), email [email protected].

                          What if an issue does not arrive or arrives damaged?
                          Simply the subscription customer services team [email protected] and they will check we have your correct address details and arrange for a replacement copy to be sent to you.

                          What is my subscriber number?
                          Your subscriber number is a 10-digit number that is used to identify both you and your subscription. It can be found on any email or written correspondence that we have sent you or on the wrapper/label on your subscription copy. If you cannot find it, please print subscription customer services.

                          Can I cancel my subscription?
                          We hope you are delighted with your Drapers subscription. However, if for any reason are dissatisfied, please [email protected] within the first 30 days of the purchase of your subscription and we’ll provide a refund.

                          How do I order a back issue?
                          For prices and availability, please [email protected]

                          How do I print subscription customer services?
                          Phone: call the subscription hotline on +44 (0). Lines are open Monday to Friday (08.00-21.30) and Saturday (08.00-16.00) GMT.
                          Email: [email protected] .
                          Post: EMAP Publishing Ltd, 3 Queensbridge, Northampton, NN4 7BF, UK

                          Online access FAQs

                          It’s expensive/ I can’t afford it?
                          Drapers is a quality product, produced by leading journalists. The information you read will give you genuine up to date, new insight every day. Our customers tell us that Drapers pays for itself many times over by them acting on the information they read.

                          I read Drapers for FREE online
                          Okay but you will only be getting a small slice of what we do, you may miss something that could be critical. Our customers find that Drapers pays for itself easily. It’s surprisingly great value to access such relevant and beneficial information that we believe will deliver a fantastic ROI for your business.

                          I don’t have time to read it
                          We now have more choices to help people get just the products you need. We have digital package options available ensuring you can catch up on breaking news and stories on your commute.

                          I want to consume digitally
                          Great we now have the product just for you

                          I read a colleague’s copy
                          60% of all content we produce today is digital only and not in the magazine, you will need to subscribe to get the main part of our news and information. You can get up to the minute information to help you win business or gain advantage within your sector.

                          Why isn’t digital much cheaper?
                          Although we won’t be printing the magazine, we are continuously investing in digital products to improve your experience, and journalists, we can deliver more information across more platforms. We are delivering great value to our customers with key information to help and support their daily roles in retail.

                          How do I access all areas of the website?
                          For unlimited access to you need to be a subscriber.
                          If you do not have a subscription, you can access all articles within a few minutes by subscribing online here


                          Why do I have to register on the website if I am a paid subscriber?
                          Even if you are a subscriber, you need to register on our website to set up your login details.
                          Click here to create your account You will need your subscriber number and your surname (exactly as it appears on correspondence we have sent you or the label on your magazine subscription copy).

                          What is the difference between a registered user and a subscriber?
                          A registered user can sign up for free e-newsletters and access a limited number of articles on the website. A subscriber has an annual subscription which provides full access to and has the option of getting Drapers in print delivered each week.

                          When do I need to log in?
                          We suggest each time you use the website, you log in immediately on the home page – using the link at the top right, under the navigation bar. This will then make it easier for you to access all articles quickly and easily as you navigate through the site. Alternatively, when you click on a subscriber-only link, you will be asked to log in.

                          I am being asked for my subscriber number. How do I find it?
                          Your subscriber number is a 10-digit number which is used to identify both you and your subscription. It can be found on any email or written correspondence we have sent you – or on the wrapper/label on your subscription copy. If you need help call the subscription hotline on +44 (0).

                          I’ve forgotten my password. How do I find it?
                          When signing in, you will find a ‘forgotten password’ link under the password box. Click on this and then fill in the email address you used when registering on the site. We will then email your password to you within a few minutes.

                          I have a paid subscription and have registered with the website, but am unable to access the subscriber-only content. Why?
                          If you are still unable to access subscriber-only content, we suggest you:

                          • Refresh your account by logging in and out again. This should ensure that your subscription details are up to date
                            • Check if your subscription has lapsed. In order to check your status, please log into
                              • Check that the email address you registered on the website is the same as the one you used for your paid-for subscription
                                • Check that your surname entered exactly as it appears on the wrapper/label on your magazine subscription copy
                                  • Did you recently send in payment for a new subscription order or a renewal? It may be that there has been a delay in receiving or processing your payment and subscription.

                                  If you are still having problems, please Customer Services via [email protected] or +44(0) 203 953 2000 (Monday to Friday 09.00-17.30 GMT).

                                  Can I change my email address and the password I use to access the website?
                                  Yes. To change your email address and password, please first sign in to your account and go to the Account Settings page. Once you have done this, please also email [email protected] to advise them of your change of email address.

                                  My company has multiple subscriptions, but only one person can log in to the website. How can I set up access for all individual subscribers?
                                  If you have a multiple-copy subscription, you will be entitled to have the same number of website users as you have magazine subscriptions. However, we may need to manually set up access for all users for you – please [email protected] or +44(0) 203 953 2000 (Monday to Friday 09.00–17.30 GMT).

                                  When I go back to use the website again, I have been logged out. Why?
                                  Please check your browser settings, it may be that your s are being blocked, please check any firewall or spyware software you may have installed. Please also remember to click ‘Remember Me’ as this should help avoid this problem in future.

                                  Why do I need s enabled?
                                  We use s to help the website remember who you are and to give you access to all the features on our site. To gain full access to the site, s need to be enabled.

                                  I signed up to receive your free newsletters, but I am not receiving them. Why?
                                  Please check you have provided us with your correct email address. To check which e-mail address you have registered, sign in to your account and go to the Account Settings page.
                                  If your details here are correct, we suggest you check your mailbox settings to see if the newsletters are being pushed into ‘junk’ mail or if your mailbox is full. To avoid the newsletters being treated as ‘spam’, it may help to add the e-mail address [email protected] to your address book.
                                  If you are still experiencing problems, we suggest you then your own email service provider.

                                  How do I ‘unsubscribe’ from your newsletters?
                                  Please sign in to the website, click on ‘My Account’ and then go to ‘My Newsletters’ and deselect the individual newsletters you wish not to receive. If this does not enable to you to ‘unsubscribe’, please Customer Services via [email protected] or +44(0) 203 953 2000 (Monday to Friday 09.00–17.30 GMT).

                                  What is your privacy policy?
                                  Our privacy policy can be found here

                                  How do I add you to my ‘safe senders’ list?

                                  Outlook 2003/2007

                                  • In the Tools menu, click 'Options'.
                                  • On the Preferences tab, click 'Junk E-mail'.
                                  • On the Safe Senders tab, click 'Add'.
                                  • In the 'Add address', put in our email address.
                                  • Click 'OK'.


                                  • In the top-right hand corner, click 'Options', then 'More Options...'
                                  • Under 'Preventing Junk Mail', click 'Safe and 'Blocked Senders'
                                  • Click 'Safe Senders'
                                  • Insert our From address and click 'Add to list'

                                  Yahoo! Mail

                                  • In the top-right hand corner, click 'Options', then 'More Options...'
                                  • In tht left-hand menu, select 'Filters'
                                  • Click 'Add Filter'
                                  • Give the filter a name, then in the 'Sender' box, insert our From address
                                  • From the 'Move to folder' dropdown menu, select 'Inbox'
                                  • Click 'Save changes'


                                  • Click Contacts along the left side of any Gmail page.
                                  • Click 'Add to 'My Contacts''.
                                  • Copy and paste our from address into the primary email address dialog box.
                                  • Hit 'Enter'.


                                  • Click the Mail menu and select Address Book.
                                  • Wait for the 'Address Book' window to pop up, then click the 'Add' button.
                                  • Wait for the 'Address Card for New Contact' window to load.
                                  • Paste our From address into the "Other E-Mail" field.
                                  • Make our From address the "Primary E-Mail" address by checking the associated check box.
                                  • Click the Save button.

                                  Changing your settings

                                  If you need help changing your settings, just select your browser client from the list of popular clients below and follow the instructions.

                                  Internet Explorer

                                  • From the Tools menu, select 'Internet Options'.
                                  • Click on the 'Privacy Tab'.
                                  • Under Settings, move the slider to the bottom to allow all s.
                                  • Click 'OK'.


                                  • From the menu button, select 'Options'
                                  • Click on the 'Privacy' tab
                                  • In the "History" section set "Firefox will: Remember history"
                                  • Click 'OK'.


                                  • From the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar, select 'Settings'
                                  • Click on 'Show Advanced Settings'
                                  • In the 'Privacy' section, click the Content settings button
                                  • In the 'Cookies' section, change to 'Allow local data to be set'
                                  • Click 'Done'


                                  • From the Tools button, select 'Preferences'
                                  • Click on the 'Privacy' tab
                                  • Change the 'Block Cookies' setting to 'Never'
                                  • Close the window